A.   Tag Attached To Collar: The owner shall cause the metal tag received from the town clerk to be affixed to the collar of the dog upon which the tax has been paid so that the tag can easily be seen by officers of the town. The owner shall see that the tag is so worn by the dog at all times.
   B.   Replacement Of Lost Tag: In case the tag is lost, the owner may secure another for the dog by applying to the town clerk, presenting to him the original receipt, and paying to him a fee as set by the town board. (1984 Code § 4-122; amd. 2002 Code)
   C.   Unlawfully Placing Tags On Dogs: No person shall counterfeit, or attempt to counterfeit, any tag issued for a dog as provided in this chapter, or take from any dog a tag legally placed upon it, or place such tag upon a dog for which the tag was not specifically issued. (1984 Code § 4-123)