A.   One Time License Fee: A one time license fee, in such amount as set by the board by motion or resolution, for every dog more than three (3) months of age, is levied upon the owner or person in custody of any such dog kept or harbored within the town.
   B.   Previously Paid Fees: All license fees heretofore paid prior to May 1, 1993, shall be deemed to be payment of the one time license fee. (1984 Code § 4-121)
   C.   Exemptions:
      1.   The following shall be exempt from the one time license fee:
         a.   Dogs only temporarily brought and kept within the town, and/or a dog brought within the town to participate in a dog show.
         b.   Dogs kept in a licensed kennel.
         c.   Service dogs. Certified service dogs performing duties for which they are especially trained to assist public agencies or private owners.
      2.   Nothing in this subsection C shall be construed as to exempt any dog from having a current rabies vaccination. (2002 Code)
   D.   Time For Purchasing License: Any unlicensed dog, which is not exempt, shall have a license purchased within ten (10) days after the dog is brought within the town limits.
   E.   Issuance Of Tags:
      1.   All tags issued prior to May 1, 1993, shall be deemed to be permanent dog license tags. The clerk shall issue permanent metal dog license tags to the applicant for each dog for which a license has been issued after May 1, 1993.
      2.   Prior to issuance of a dog license tag, the applicant shall provide such information as requested by the clerk. (1984 Code § 4-121)