A.   Specifications:
      1.   Fire hydrants of a type and manufacture approved by the maintenance supervisor of the town shall be available to serve the building site of all commercial, industrial, mercantile, educational, institutional, assembly, hotel, motel, multi-family dwelling, or manufactured home park occupancies prior to start of construction of combustible materials. Where water mains are not accessible, an adequate plan for fire protection shall be submitted to and approved by the fire chief of the town prior to start of construction. (1984 Code § 13-215; amd. 2002 Code)
      2.   Building plans for all new construction involving the occupancies listed in this section shall show the location of fire hydrants on both public and private property as approved by the fire chief and the town engineer before any actual construction is undertaken.
      3.   Hydrant location and standards are as follows:
         a.   All hydrants are to be installed according to town standards;
         b.   No portion of a building of any occupancy listed in this section shall be located more than three hundred feet (300') from a hydrant; and
         c.   Fire hydrants shall be located apart from buildings and fully accessible from paved driveways and fire lanes.
      4.   No unauthorized person shall use, operate, conceal or in any manner hinder the accessibility or reduce the effectiveness of any fire hydrant within the town.
      5.   Access to fire hydrants required by this section shall not be required for sites whose structures total less than two thousand (2,000) square feet unless constituting or declared a high hazard occupancy by the fire chief of the town. (1984 Code § 13-215)
   B.   Water Supply:
      1.   Proper size for water mains located on public or private property which supply fire hydrants for occupancies listing in subsection A of this section shall be approved by the town engineer.
      2.   The town engineer shall approve no water main supplying fire hydrants for occupancies listing in subsection A of this section less than six inches (6") in diameter. (1984 Code § 13-217)