A.   Authority: The fire department of the town is hereby authorized and directed to answer all calls outside the corporate town limits at the discretion of the fire chief. The fire department may not answer such outside calls if, in the opinion of the fire chief, it is inexpedient to do so on account of another fire in the town, broken apparatus, impassable or dangerous highways, or other physical conditions. (1984 Code § 13-212)
   B.   Serving In Regular Line Of Duty: All volunteer firefighters of the fire department of the town attending and serving at fires or doing fire prevention work outside the corporate limits of the town, as herein provided, shall be considered as serving in their regular line of duty as fully as if they were serving within the corporate limits of the town. The firefighters shall be entitled to all the benefits of any firemen's pension and relief fund in the same manner as if the firefighting or fire prevention work was being done within the corporate limits of the town. Compensation of firefighters shall be as provided by the board of trustees by ordinance or resolution. (1984 Code § 13-213)
   C.   Department Considered Agent Of State: The fire department of the town answering any fire alarm, or call, or performing any fire prevention services outside the corporate limits of the town shall be considered as an agent of the state, and acting solely and alone in a governmental capacity, and the town shall not be liable in damages for any act of commission, omission, or negligence while answering or returning from any fire, or reported fire, or doing any fire prevention work under and by virtue of this section and section 5-1-7 of this chapter. (1984 Code § 13-214)