A.   Bylaws: The bylaws of the department shall include the following:
      1.   All volunteer fire department members are required, when notified, to respond to alarms of fire and other emergencies;
      2.   A member is required to be present at all regular meetings, called meetings and schools presented for the benefit of the firefighters;
      3.   At least one regular business meeting of the members shall be held each month;
      4.   Any member having two (2) unexcused absences in succession or three (3) unexcused absences in a period of three (3) months will be dropped from the fire department rolls;
      5.   Any member leaving the town for an extended period of time is required to notify the chief;
      6.   Any member refusing to attend training classes provided for members of the department will be dropped; and
      7.   Any member of the fire department may be dropped from the rolls for the following offenses:
         a.   Conduct unbecoming a firefighter;
         b.   Any act of insubordination;
         c.   Neglect of duty;
         d.   Any violation of rules and regulations governing the fire department;
         e.   Conviction of a felony; or
         f.   By majority vote of the members of the company and approval of the town board of trustees. (1984 Code § 13-207)
   B.   Rules And Regulations: The town board of trustees by motion or resolution may adopt and change regulations relating to the fire department, its organization, operation and compensation. (1984 Code § 13-208)