A.   Definition: The term "volunteer firefighter" means one who is enrolled as a member of the fire department of the town and who serves in that capacity without receiving a regular salary.
   B.   Appointment Of Members:
      1.   Chief And Members: There shall be a fire department, the head of which shall be the chief of the fire department. The chief shall be appointed for an indefinite term by the board of trustees, and may be removed by the board at any time. There shall be such assistant chiefs, firefighters, and other personnel as the board of trustees may appoint or approve. (1984 Code § 13-201)
      2.   New Members: New members of the department shall be appointed by the chief and shall be on probation for one year after their appointment. Upon completion of their probation period, new members must be approved by the majority of the other members of the fire department. (1984 Code § 13-206)
   C.   Duties Generally: It is the duty of the fire department, among others, to extinguish fires; to rescue persons endangered by fire; to resuscitate and to administer first aid to persons injured in or about burning structures, or elsewhere, in case of an emergency; to promote fire prevention; and unless otherwise provided, to enforce all ordinances relating to fires, fire prevention, and safety of persons from fire in public and private buildings. (1984 Code § 13-201)