A.   Authorized Persons: The following persons are authorized to conduct inspections in the manner prescribed herein:
      1.   The town clerk or other municipal employee shall make all investigations reasonably necessary to the enforcement of this chapter.
      2.   The town clerk shall have the authority to order the inspection of licensees, their businesses and premises, by all town officials having duties to perform with reference to such licensees or businesses.
      3.   All police officers shall inspect and examine businesses located within their respective jurisdictions or beats to enforce compliance with this chapter.
   B.   Right Of Entry: All persons authorized herein to inspect licensees and businesses shall have the authority to enter, with or without search warrant, at all reasonable times, the following premises:
      1.   Those for which a license is required.
      2.   Those for which a license was issued and which, at the time of inspection, are operating under such license.
      3.   Those for which the license has been revoked or suspended.
   C.   Report Violations To Clerk: Persons inspecting licensees, their businesses or premises as herein authorized shall report all violations of this chapter or of other laws or ordinances to the town clerk and shall submit such other reports as the town clerk shall order. (1984 Code § 9-311)