A.   Application Requirements: Every person required to procure a license under the provisions of any ordinance or law of the town shall submit an application for such license to the town clerk. The application shall:
      1.   Be a written statement upon forms provided by the town clerk; such form shall include an affidavit, to be sworn to by the applicant before a notary public of this state;
      2.   Require the disclosure of all information necessary for compliance with section 4-1-6 of this chapter and of any other information which the town clerk shall find to be reasonably necessary to the fair administration of this chapter; and
      3.   Be accompanied by the full amount of the fees chargeable for such license.
   B.   Renewal Of License: The applicant for the renewal of a license shall submit a renewal application for such license, together with the license fee, to the town clerk.
   C.   Duplicate License Or Special Permit: A duplicate license or special permit shall be issued by the town clerk to replace any license previously issued, which has been lost, stolen, defaced, or destroyed upon the paying to the town clerk of a license fee.
   D.   Denial Of License; Appeal: The town clerk shall, upon disapproving any application submitted under the provisions of this chapter, place the matter on the next agenda of the town board of trustees, where the applicant may appeal from the denial. (1984 Code § 9-307)