For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meanings given herein. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future; words in the plural number include the singular number; and words in the singular number include the plural number. The word "shall" is always mandatory and not merely directory.
BUSINESS: All kinds of vocations, occupations, professions, enterprises, establishments, and all other kinds of activities and matters, together with all devices, machines, vehicles and appurtenances used therein, and of which are conducted for private profit, or benefit, either directly or indirectly, on any premises in the town, or anywhere else within its jurisdiction.
GARAGE OR YARD SALES: The sale of personal property at a private residence to the general public. By way of example but not by limitation, "garage or yard sales" may display the property for sale in the residence, garage, yard or driveway and may be advertised by signs, newspaper or other means. A "garage or yard sale" shall be deemed to be a "business" and must be licensed as required by section 4-1-4 of this chapter, for purposes of the licensing regulations only (and not zoning regulations). An applicant shall be entitled to only two (2) permits for each calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Each permit shall be valid for only three (3) consecutive calendar days. No more than two (2) permits may be issued in a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) for a garage or yard sale at one residential location. By way of example and not limitation, no more than two (2) garage or yard sales could be held at any one residence and no person could be issued more than two (2) permits regardless of where the sale is to occur.
LICENSE OR LICENSEE: Means, respectively, the words "permit" or "permittee" or the holder for any use or period of time of any similar privilege, wherever relevant to any provisions of this chapter or other law or ordinance.
PERSON: Individual natural persons, partnerships, joint adventures, societies, associations, clubs, trustees, trusts or corporations; or any officers, agents, employees, factors, or any kinds of personal representations of any thereof, in any capacity, acting either for himself, or for any other person, under either personal appointment or pursuant to law.
PREMISES: All lands, structures, places, and also the equipment and appurtenances connected or used therewith in any business, and also any personal property which is either affixed to, or is otherwise used in connection with any such business conducted on such premises. (1984 Code § 9-303)