A.   Supervision And Control: All purchases of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services for the offices, departments and agencies of the town government shall be made by the town board of trustees, or pursuant to authorizations granted by it, and subject to its supervision and control. (1984 Code § 7-104)
   B.   Purchases By Town Clerk; Bidding:
      1.   The town clerk shall contract for and purchase all supplies and materials necessary for the operation of the town government.
      2.   Before any contract shall be entered into, or any such purchase made involving the expenditure of more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00), the same shall be approved by the trustees, and except in the case of an emergency, submitted for competitive bidding.
      3.   Before entering into a contract for making any purchase which requires approval of the trustees, lease contracts with option to purchase, or other obligations that bind the town, the town clerk shall first give written notice for bids for such furnishings of supplies, materials and equipment. Such notice shall state the time and place for filing the bids, and shall contain ample description of supplies, materials and equipment being purchased, and the time and place the bids will be opened, and that all bids may be rejected.
      4.   The bids will be in writing and sealed and filed with the town clerk prior to the time they are to be opened. Such bids shall be opened at the time specified in the notice, at which time any and all bids may be rejected or the trustees or town clerk may readvertise for bids, or after due consideration thereof, may award a contract to, or purchase such supplies, material or equipment from, the lowest and best responsible bidder. However, upon approval of the trustees, purchases of material, supplies and equipment may be made through the central purchasing agency of the state of Oklahoma. (1984 Code § 7-105)
   C.   When Competitive Bidding Not Required: The following may be purchased without giving an opportunity for competitive bidding:
      1.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services whose cost does not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) in a single transaction;
      2.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services which can be furnished only by a single dealer, or which have a uniform price wherever bought;
      3.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services purchased from another unit of government at a price deemed below that obtainable from private dealers, including government surplus;
      4.   Contractual services, including, but not limited to, natural gas, electricity, telephone service, purchased from a public utility at a price or rate determined by the state corporation commission or other governmental authority;
      5.   Supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services when purchased at a price not exceeding a price set therefor by the state purchasing agency or any other state agency hereafter authorized to regulate prices for things purchased by the state, whether such price is determined by a contract negotiated with a vendor or otherwise;
      6.   Contractual services of a professional nature, such as engineering, architectural and medical services unless competitive bidding is required by applicable law or regulations; and
      7.   "Emergency purchases" as defined by the board of trustees. (1984 Code § 7-106)