15.04.010: CODES ADOPTED 1 :
The approved editions of the following nationally recognized codes, as adopted by the state of Idaho, or the Idaho building code board, are adopted as the official building codes of the city of Jerome:
A.   International building code, including all rules promulgated by the board to provide equivalency with the provisions of the Americans with disabilities act accessibility guidelines;
B.   Federal fair housing act accessibility guidelines, the international residential code, parts I through IV and IX; and
C.   International energy conservation code.
The adopted versions of the foregoing codes shall be deemed superseded by successive versions of such codes as they are adopted or approved by the Idaho building code board effective on the date any such codes are made effective by the Idaho building code board. (Ord. 938 §1, 2002: Ord. 910 §§2, 3, 2001: Ord. 851 §§2, 3, 1998: Ord. 820 §§2–6, 1997: Ord. 801 §§2, 3, 1996: Ord. 741 §§2, 3, 1992: Ord. 695 §1, 1986)



2. Agricultural buildings are exempt from the building codes adopted herein but shall remain subject to placement requirements established by zoning regulations.