13.40.020: LEVEL PAY PLAN:
A.   Any person who has had a minimum of one year's history of payment of user charges incurred by patronizing the city domestic water and/or public sewer system, without default in payment, may apply to the city for "level pay" payments of domestic water and/or sewer charges. Applications shall be made on a form provided by the office of the city clerk.
B.   If the application is in order, and the applicant appears qualified, the applicant shall execute an agreement, on a form to be provided by the office of the city clerk, setting forth the obligations of the applicant and the city with regard to the "level pay" arrangement.
C.   The "level pay" year will commence on the next July 1 occurring after the date of the agreement. From July 1 through June 30, "level pay" parties shall pay the average amount of billings for sewer and domestic water services as determined by the previous twelve (12) months' billing experience. Meters will continue to be read on the regular schedule and, for informational purposes, the monthly statement will reflect a debit or credit balance based on current readings. The statement issued for the last month of the level pay year shall reflect a final credit or debit balance. Debit balances must be paid in full by the customer with that statement. Credit balances will be reflected by credit being granted by the city on that month's statement.
D.   Noncompliance with the "level pay" agreement by any customer executing the same shall allow the city to immediately institute all proceedings now established by this code for termination of service and collection of all charges due and owing. Noncompliance with the "level pay" agreement shall also result in that person being ineligible for "level pay" program for a minimum of one year. (Ord. 725 §§1 - 4, 1991)