A.   Notwithstanding other provisions of this code to the contrary, "landlords", hereby defined as any person or entity owning real property within the area serviced by the city water and/or sewer systems, which real property is regularly leased to third parties, hereby referred to as "tenants", may execute the form approved by the city council, a continuous service agreement.
Continuous service agreement shall be executed by landlords and shall provide, in addition to whatever other matters the city council deems appropriate, the following provisions:
   1.   Correct legal name of the landlord.
   2.   Landlord's phone number and address.
   3.   Space for the landlord's signature.
   4.   The correct mailing address of every parcel of real property owned by the landlord for which the continuous service agreement is sought, together with apartment numbers, if appropriate.
   5.   The requirement that the landlord provide immediate written notice to the city of any changes in the landlord's telephone number, mailing address, ownership of any of the properties desired to be subject to the agreement.
   6.   The landlord will be continuously responsible for payment of all water and wastewater charges incurred from the date of cessation of service by a current tenant, whether by notice and termination of service under lawfully established procedures or by the tenant vacating the premises without notice, and the date upon which a new tenant contacts the city and lawfully assumes responsibility for said charges.
   7.   A provision that if any landlord defaults in the performance of a continuous service agreement that they will be liable to the city, in addition to all charges attributable to the landlord under the agreement, lawful interest and attorney fees and costs incurred by the city in the collection of the charges.
B.   A deposit in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) per residential unit covered by the continuous service agreement shall be paid by the landlord to the city at the time the agreement is executed. The deposit shall be applied to any delinquent charges attributable to a landlord under the continuous service agreement. (Ord. 724 §§1, 2, 1991)