A.   Installation And Maintenance: If so directed by the approving authority, all devices, access facilities, and related equipment shall be installed by the person discharging the waste at his expense, and shall be maintained by him so as to be in a safe and proper operating condition at all times, and readily accessible to city forces during his operating day.
B.   Types Of Devices: The flow measurement device can be a Parshall flume, weir, venturi, nozzle, magnetic flow meter, or any other type of device providing accurate and continuous flow indication recorded on a chart or totalizer in million gallons a day. Pump timers or other indirect measurement devices will not be accepted.
C.   Composite Sampler: If so directed by the approving authority, an automatic sampler, capable of collecting no less than two (2) quarts of sample in a twenty four (24) hour period shall be installed and maintained by the person discharging the waste, at his expense. The sampler must be capable of maintaining sample at a temperature of less than forty degrees Fahrenheit (40°F).
D.   Plans; Location Of Sampling Station: The flow measurement and sampling station shall be located and constructed in a manner acceptable to the city. Complete plans on all phases of the proposed installation, including all equipment proposed for use shall be submitted to the city for approval prior to construction.
E.   Records; Maintenance And Operation: The person discharging the waste shall keep flow records as required by the city and shall provide qualified personnel to properly maintain and operate the facilities. (Ord. 586 §404, 1976)