No person shall occupy as owner, occupant, or let to another for occupancy any dwelling or dwelling unit, for the purpose of living therein, which does not comply with the following requirements.
   (A)   Every foundation, roof, floor, exterior and interior wall, ceiling, inside and outside stair, every porch, and every appurtenance thereto, shall be safe to use and capable of supporting the loads that normal use may cause to be placed thereon; and shall be kept in sound condition and good repair. Every inside and outside stair or step shall have uniform risers and uniform treads.
   (B)   Every foundation, roof and exterior wall, door, skylight, and window shall be reasonablely weather-tight, water-tight, and damp-free; and shall be kept in sound condition and good repair. Floors, interior walls, and ceilings shall be sound and in good repair. All exterior wood surfaces, other than decay-resistant woods, shall be protected from the elements and decay by paint which is not lead-based paint or by other protective covering or treatment. Walls shall be capable of affording privacy for the occupants.
   (C)   Every premises shall be graded, drained, free of standing water, and maintained in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition.
   (D)   Unless other provisions are made, gutters, leaders, and down-spouts shall be provided and maintained in good working condition as to provide proper drainage of storm water.
   (E)   Every window, exterior door and hatchway, or similar device shall be so constructed to exclude insects during that portion of the year when there is a need for protection against mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects.
   (F)   Every dwelling, multiple dwelling, rooming house or accessory structure and the premises on which located shall be maintained in a rat-free and rat-proof condition.
      (1)   All openings in the exterior walls, foundations, basements, ground or first floors and roofs which have a half-inch diameter or more opening shall be rat-proofed in an approved manner if they are within 48 inches of the existing exterior ground level immediately below such openings, or if they may be reached by rats from the ground by climbing unguarded pipes, wires, cornices, stairs, roofs, and other items such as trees or vines or by burrowing.
      (2)   All windows located at or near ground level used or intended to be used for ventilation, all other openings located at or near ground level, and all exterior doorways which might provide an entry for rats, shall be supplied with adequate screens or such other devices as will effectively prevent the entrance or rats into the structure.
      (3)   All sewers, pipes, drains, or conduits and openings around such pipes and conduits shall be constructed to prevent the ingress or egress of rats to or from a building.
      (4)   Interior floors of basements, cellars, and other areas in contact with the soil shall be rat-proofed in an approved manner.
      (5)   Any materials used for rat-proofing shall be acceptable to the Housing Authority.
   (G)   Accessory structures present or provided by the owner, agent, or tenant occupant on the premises of a dwelling shall be structurally sound, and be maintained in good repair and free of insects and rats, or such structures shall be removed from the premises. The exterior of such structures shall be made weather resistant through the use of decay-resistant materials or the use of lead-free paint or other preservatives.
   (H)   Every plumbing fixture and all water and waste pipes shall be properly installed and maintained in good sanitary working condition.
   (I)   Every water closet compartment, bathroom, and kitchen floor surface shall be constructed and maintained so as to permit such floor to be easily kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
   (J)   Every plumbing fixture and pipe, every chimney, flue, and smoke pipe and every other facility, piece of equipment, or utility which is present in a dwelling or dwelling unit, or which is required under this chapter, shall be constructed and installed in conformance with the appropriate statutes, ordinances, and regulations of this city.
   (K)   No owner, operator, or occupant shall cause any service, facility, equipment, or utility which is required under this chapter to be removed from or shut off from or discontinued for any occupied dwelling or dwelling unit let or occupied by him or her; except for such temporary interruption as may be necessary while actual repairs or alterations are in progress, or during temporary emergencies when discontinuance of service is approved by the appropriate authority.
   (L)   All construction and materials, ways and means of egress, and installation and use of equipment shall conform with the appropriate statutes, ordinances, and regulations dealing with fire protection of this city.
(2003 Code, § 15.04.070)  (Ord. 1977-10, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 150.99