General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Territorial application
   90.03   General duties of Animal Control
   90.04   Regulation of high volume breeders and retailers
   90.05   Additional requirements for dog breeders and dog retailers who are maintaining facilities in violation of this chapter
   90.06   Interference or concealment
   90.07   General duties of keepers/owners of animals
   90.08   Bird sanctuaries
   90.09   Animals running at large prohibited
   90.10   Public nuisance prohibited
   90.11   Confinement and control of inherently dangerous mammals
   90.12   Dangerous or vicious animals prohibited
   90.13   Animal fighting and baiting prohibited
   90.14   Mistreatment of animals prohibited
   90.15   Cruel treatment prohibited
   90.16   Notice in case of injury
   90.17   Destruction of animals that cannot be seized by reasonable means
   90.18   Setting humane animal traps and authority to receive trapped animals
   90.19   Impoundment
   90.20   Procedure with respect to redemption of unvaccinated animal
   90.21   Humane euthanasia of wounded or diseased animals
   90.22   Handling of stray animals by the public
   90.23   Security dogs
   90.24   Relation to hunting laws
   90.25   Wild animals
   90.26   Exotic animals
   90.27   Severability
Rabies Control
   90.40   Compliance with state rabies laws; chapter supplemental to state rabies laws
   90.41   Vaccination of dogs, cats and other pets
   90.42   Vaccination tag and certificate
   90.43   Report and confinement of animals biting persons or showing symptoms of rabies
   90.44   Destruction or confinement of animal bitten by a known rabid animal
   90.45   Area-wide emergency quarantine
   90.46   Postmortem diagnosis
   90.47   Unlawful killing, releasing and the like of certain animals
   90.48   Failure to surrender an animal for quarantine or euthanasia
Breeder/Litter Permits
   90.60   Breeder permit/fee
   90.99   Penalty