Ord. No.   Date   Description
353   4-23-42   Top floor of Municipal building.
478   1-8-51   Real estate to Chamber of Commerce for 50 yrs.
482   2-12-51   Realty for sawmill authorized.
618   1-31-55   Parts of City Lots 69 and 70 for Municipal Parking Lot.
24-56   10-23-56   Building at 127 Water St. authorized.
5-68   5-3-68   Authorizes Division of Public Service to enter into central agreement with Chesapeake & Ohio RR for buildings, freight platform and 0.20 acres of land.
37-72   11-13-72   Authorizes lease agreement with First National Bank for use of certain property for off-street parking purposes.
15-73   4-23-73   Acceptance of and lease of real property which is the site of the project.
11-78   3-13-78   With Goodyear Rubber and Tire Co. for oil and gas lease.
64-79   8-27-79   Authorizes lease agreement with the City library board for office space.
10-80   3-10-80   Authorizes lease agreement with Milton Day Care Center on Broadway St. for establishment of a day care facility and other public uses.
38-81   4-27-81   Milton Day Care Center property for construction of day care center.
70-81   8-10-81   Property containing old Water Tower, part of urban redevelopment plan.
175-82   12-13-82   Hillcrest Park property, including Rio Grande College building to Jackson YMCA.
13-84   2-13-84   From L.H. Delay, first floor of building at South St. and Trago Ave.
113-85   9-23-85   Agreement to extend lease with Jefferson Howe Post No. 81, Inc. to May 3, 2000.
71-86   9-8-86   Authorizes Phase I lease between the Indiana and Ohio RR and the City.
33-88   6-13-88   Approves agreement between Jackson County RR Historical Society and the City to lease the Depot Building.
84-89   10-9-89   Authorizes lease of property with Oak Hill Community Medical Center for a heliport.
105-90   12-10-90   Awards lease to Ohio Precious Metals, Inc. of water tower property at Court and Church Sts.
118-93   12-13-93   Authorizes City to enter into amendment to Short Line Railroad lease.
66-94   10-24-94   Authorizes granting lease to Omega JV5 for placing diesel generators etc. on City property.
14-95   2-13-95   Authorizes lease agreement between City and Jackson County Bd. of County Commissioners.
41-98   4-27-98   Authorizes lease between City and Superior Hardwoods of Ohio, Inc.  for surplus railroad property.
59-99   7-26-99   Railroad Depot at 333 E. Broadway to Jackson Co. Railroad Historical Society for railroad historical museum.
59-99   7-26-99   Approves lease agreement between City and Jackson County Railroad Historical Society for Broadway Street Railroad Depot (City-owned) for use as location of railroad historical museum.
73-00   7-10-00   Authorizes lease by City to R.D. Whiteside, LLC, of premises at 66 E. Broadway (0.517 acres).
12-04   1-26-04   Authorizes lease between City and K. Haines to give him access to City-owned Fairmont Cemetery property, which his property abuts.
35-04   3-22-04   Authorizes amendment to lease between City and Ohio Municipal Electric Generating Agency Joint Venture 5 (OMEGA JV5) for siting diesel powered generators on City- owned land.
36-04   3-25-04   Authorizes amendment to lease between City and P.J. Berridge, 2583 Keystone Furnace Rd., relating to Jackson Salt Lick Creek Nature Preserve Grant Project.
82-04   5-24-04   Authorizes lease between City and C. Bierhup to give him access to City-owned RR r-o-w property, which his property abuts.  (Rail bed starts at Hammertown Rd.)
86-06   4-10-06   Authorizes City to assign lease with Milton Day Care Center Corp. to Michelina’s Inc. involving the Luigino’s expansion.
80-08   9-8-08   Authorizing the City to enter into a site lease agreement between the City and Horizon Personal Communications, Inc., for a lease to install antennas for wireless communication on a portion of the City’s Apple Water Tower.
16-11   4-11-11   Approves a Standard Short-Line Railroad Lease Agreement.
36-13   8-26-13   Authorizing a lease agreement with the Indiana Eastern Railroad dba Ohio South Central Railroad.
53-18      9-24-18   Authorizes a lease agreement with the Ohio Valley Conservation Coalition for property to be used as a bike path.
68-18      12-10-18   Authorizing an agreement to lease property owned by the City on Veterans Drive to Viasat, Inc., for the purpose of operating a Gateway for Broadband Communications.