(a)    Registration may be suspended by the City Building Official or his designee(s) for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Violation of any provision of this chapter or any part of the Building Code;
      (2)    Misrepresentation of material fact in order to become registered, or in the removal of registration;
      (3)    Failure to secure permits, inspections and approvals required by the Building Code;
      (4)    Use of registration to obtain a permit for another;
      (5)    Failure or refusal to correct a violation of the Building Code within a prescribed period of time or to correct incompetent work as ordered by the City Building Official or their designee(s);
      (6)    For any other reason that is determined to be adverse to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City;
      (7)    Repeated and continued violations of the Building Code; or
      (8)    Failure to maintain coverage under the Ohio Worker's Compensation Laws. Failure to comply with the City of Jackson Income Tax Laws. Failure to maintain the Liability Insurance as herein required.
   (b)    Notice of suspension shall be by written notice to the contractor and shall state the grounds upon which the findings are based. The notice shall specify a reasonable period of time within which to remedy the findings. If the contractor fails to remedy the findings, the City Building Official or their designee(s) shall proceed with a stop work order and revocation of the Registration subject to the appeal procedure set forth by the Board of Zoning Appeals in Chapter VII, Section B of the City of Jackson, Ohio Zoning Regulations, as upon an Administrative Appeal.
(Ord. 21-21. Passed 4-12-21.)