(A)   No permit for a land modification, either separately or as a part of a building permit, shall be issued unless a sediment and erosion control plan is submitted that provides for the following:
      (1)   The smallest practical area of land is exposed at any given time in the development.
      (2)   The area exposed shall be kept to as short a duration of time as is practical.
      (3)   Sediment basins, debris basins, desilting basins, or soil traps shall be installed and maintained to remove sediment from runoff waters from land undergoing development.
      (4)   Provisions shall be made to effectively accommodate the increased runoff caused by changed soil surface conditions during and after development.
      (5)   Permanent, final plant covering of structures shall be installed as soon as possible.
      (6)   The erosion control plan shall relate to the topography and soil at the site so that the lowest potential for erosion is created.
   (B)   The intent of this section is to obtain compliance with the Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control in Northeastern Illinois.
(Ord. 510-80, passed 12-16-80)