The Historical Commission shall have the following powers:
   (A)   To adopt its own procedural regulations.
   (B)   To conduct an ongoing survey to identify the village's historically and architecturally significant properties, structures and areas, including landscapes.
   (C)   To investigate and recommend to the Village Board of Trustees that certain village properties or structures having special historic, community or architectural value be designated as landmarks.
   (D)   To investigate, hold public hearings and recommend to the Village Board certain village areas as having special historic, community, architectural or archaeological value as historic districts.
   (E)   To keep a register of all property and structures which have been designated under this chapter, including all information required for each designation.
   (F)   To determine an appropriate system of markers and make recommendations for the design and implementation of specific markings of the streets and routes leading from one landmark or historic district to another.
   (G)   To advise and assist owners of landmarks and property or structures within historic districts on physical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation and reuse, and on procedures for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.
   (H)   To nominate landmarks and Historic Districts to the National Register of Historic Places.
   (I)   To inform and educate the citizens of the village concerning the historic and architectural heritage of the village by publishing appropriate maps, newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, and by holding programs and seminars.
   (J)   To review building permit applications for construction, alteration, removal or demolition of designated landmarks or structures within historic districts and to submit reports of findings and recommendations thereon to the Village Board. Applicants shall be required to submit two sets of plans, drawings, elevations, specifications and other information as may be necessary to make decisions concurrently with the application to the Building Department.
   (K)   To develop specific design criteria for the restoration, construction or removal of landmarks, or property and structures within historic districts.
   (L)   To review proposed zoning amendments, applications for special uses or applications for zoning variances that affect designated landmarks and historic districts. The Village Clerk shall send copies of applications for special use or zoning variances to the Commission and the Commission may make recommendations to the Village Board on the applications.
   (M)   To administer on behalf of the village, any property, or full or partial interest in real property, including a conservation right as that term is used in ILCS Ch. 765, Act 340, § 1, which the village may possess or accept as a gift or otherwise, upon request or authorization by the Village Board.
   (N)   To accept and administer on behalf of the village, upon designation by the Village Board, such gifts or grants of money as may be designated by the grantor or donor for the uses and purposes of this chapter. Such money may be expended for publishing maps and brochures, or for hiring staff persons or consultants or performing other appropriate functions for the purpose of carrying out the duties and powers of the Commission and the purposes of this chapter.
   (O)   To call upon village staff members as well as to engage other experts and professionals for technical advice as may be required from time to time, and as may be provided for in the budget of the Commission.
   (P)   To testify before all boards, committees, agencies and commissions including the Village Plan Commission, Building Committee and the Zoning Board of Appeals on any matter affecting historically and architecturally significant property, structures and areas.
   (Q)   To confer recognition upon the owners of designated landmarks or property or structures within historic districts by means of certificates, plaques or markers.
   (R)   To develop a preservation component to be identified in the comprehensive master plan of the village, and to recommend it to the Plan Commission and the Village Board for inclusion in the Comprehensive Master Plan.
   (S)   To periodically review the zoning ordinance and to recommend to the Plan Commission and the Village Board any amendments appropriate for the protection and continued use of landmarks or property and structures within designated historic districts.
   (T)   To assist owners of significant properties within certified historic districts to receive state certification.
   (U)   To recommend certification of designated Historic Districts to the Division of Historic Sites, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.
   (V)   To provide guidelines approved by the Village Board to the Building Department for methods and procedures, to notify the Historical Commission of proposed construction, alteration, removal or demolition of designated landmarks or structures within historic districts.
   (W)   To undertake any other action or activity necessary or appropriate for the implementation of its powers and duties, or to the implementation of the purposes of this chapter and as permitted by statute.
(Ord. 642-87, passed 11-17-87; Am. Ord. 1851-17, passed 8-15-17)