2-2-2: POWERS:
The commission created by this chapter shall have the following powers: (Ord. 03-4105, 12-16-2003; amd. Ord. 15-4650, 12-15-2015)
   A.   Receive complaints alleging unfair or discriminatory practices.
   B.   Investigate and study the existence, character, causes and extent of discrimination in the areas covered by this title, and to eliminate discrimination by education, conciliation and enforcement where necessary.
   C.   Issue publications and reports of the research and investigations of the commission subject to the limitations of confidentiality.
   D.   Prepare and transmit to the city council from time to time, but not less often than once each year, reports describing the proceedings, investigations, hearings, decisions and other work performed by the commission.
   E.   Make recommendations to the city council for such further legislation concerning discrimination as it may deem necessary and desirable.
   F.   Cooperate, within the limits of any appropriations made for its operation, with other agencies or organizations, both public and private, whose purposes are not inconsistent with those of this title, and in the planning and conducting of programs designed to eliminate racial, religious, cultural and other intergroup tensions.
   G.   Educate the public on human rights and illegal discrimination, such as organizing and facilitating educational public forums that address one or more of the broad range of topics included within the rubric of human rights.
   H.   Seek injunctive relief as may be appropriate to preserve the rights of the complainant and the public interest when it appears that a complainant may be irreparably injured before a public hearing can be called to determine the merits of the complaint.
   I.   Issue subpoenas and order discovery as provided by this section to aid in investigations of allegations of discrimination. The subpoenas and discovery may be ordered to the same extent and are subject to the same limitations as subpoenas and discovery in a civil action in district court. (Ord. 03-4105, 12-16-2003)