A.   Impersonating An Officer: It shall be unlawful for any person other than a duly appointed and acting officer or representative of the city to wear or display any insignia tending to designate the wearer as being an officer or representative of the city. (1978 Code §24-3)
   B.   Refusing To Assist Officers: Any peace officer making an arrest may summon as many persons as necessary to aid in making the arrest, and all persons refusing to obey such summons shall be guilty of a simple misdemeanor. (1978 Code §29-1; amd. 1994 Code)
   C.   Obstructing Officers: No person shall rescue or take any person from the custody of any peace officer or prevent the arrest of any such person or resist, oppose, obstruct or impede any member of the police force in the discharge of the officer's duties. (1978 Code §29-2; amd. 1994 Code)