Section 7.04. Procedure After Filing.
   A.   Validity Of A Petition. A petition is valid if it contains the minimum required signatures by eligible electors in the required form and with the required content and accompanied by the affidavit of circulator as set forth in section 7.03. The petition shall be examined by the city clerk before it is accepted for filing. If the petition appears valid on its face it shall be accepted for filing. If it lacks the required number of signatures it shall be considered invalid and returned to the petitioners. Petitions which have been accepted for filing are valid unless written objections are filed with the city clerk within five working days after the petition is received.
   B.   Hearing On Objections; Objections Committee. Written objections timely filed with the city clerk shall be considered by an objections committee made up of the mayor and city clerk and one member of the council chosen by the council by ballot, and a majority decision shall be final. The hearing on the objections shall be held within ten days of receipt of the objections.
   C.   Court Review. To the extent allowed by law, court review of the objections committee's actions shall be by writ of certiorari. (Ord. 15-4621, 5-19-2015)