Section 7.02. Commencement Of Proceedings; Affidavit.
   A.   Commencement. One or more qualified electors, hereinafter referred to as the "petitioners," may commence initiative or referendum proceedings by filing with the city clerk an affidavit stating they will supervise the circulation of the petition and will be responsible for filing it in proper form, stating their names and addresses and specifying the address to which all relevant notices are to be sent, and setting out in full the proposed initiative measure or citing the measure sought to be reconsidered.
   B.   Affidavit. The city clerk shall accept the affidavit for filing if on its face it appears to have signatures of one or more qualified electors. The city clerk shall issue the appropriate petition forms to the petitioners the same day the affidavit is accepted for filing. The city clerk shall cause to be prepared and have available to the public, forms and affidavits suitable for the commencement of proceedings and the preparation of initiative and referendum petitions. (Ord. 05-4152, 3-1-2005)