Section 5.01. Establishment.
   A.   With the exception of the community police review board, the council may establish boards in addition to those required by state law and shall specify the title, duties, length of term, qualifications of members and other appropriate matters. The council may reduce or increase a board's duties, transfer duties from one board to another or dissolve any board, except as otherwise provided by state law or this charter.
   B.   There shall be a permanent community police review board, which shall have vested in it the following minimum powers:
      1.   To hold at least one community forum each year for the purpose of hearing views on the policies, practices, and procedures of the Iowa City police department;
      2.   To make recommendations regarding such policies, practices, and procedures to the city council;
      3.   To investigate claims of misconduct by sworn police officers and to issue independent reports of its findings to the city council; and
      4.   The authority to subpoena witnesses. (Ord. 15-4621, 5-19-2015)