Section 2.12. Prohibitions.
   A.   A councilmember may not hold any other city office or be a city employee or elected county official while serving on the council nor hold any remunerated city office or employment for at least one year after leaving the council. (Ord. 76-2792, 1-2-1976)
   B.   With the exception of the appointment of the chief of the police department and chief of the fire department, which are subject to approval of the city council, neither the council nor its members may dictate, in any manner, the appointment or removal of any person appointed by the city manager. However, the council may express its views to the city manager pertaining to the appointment or removal of such employee. (Ord. 05-4152, 3-1-2005)
   C.   A councilmember may not interfere with the supervision or direction of any person appointed by or under the control of the city manager. (Ord. 76-2792, 1-2-1976)