Beginning with written or oral rental agreements entered into after the effective date hereof, the owner or operator and all tenants, excluding minor dependents of a tenant under the lease, shall execute an informational disclosure and acknowledgement form, which is prepared by the city department of housing inspection services, that provides the following:
   A.   The maximum occupancy limit of the dwelling unit as established by the city if said limit is available. The maximum occupancy limit is available for purposes of this section if it is on the housing and inspection services web page on the city web site at the link entitled "rental permit". Owners, operators, and tenants may access said limit via the internet or by telephoning the housing and inspection services department or by visiting housing and inspection services department personally. Owners, operators, and tenants have the affirmative duty to determine whether the maximum occupancy limit is available.
   B.   The names of the tenants, pursuant to the rental agreement, who may occupy said unit.
   C.   Acknowledgment that the owner, operator, and tenant are responsible for complying with the maximum occupancy limits prescribed by this Code and that violation of the maximum occupancy limits can result in a fine to the owner, operator, and/or tenant. The informational disclosure and acknowledgment form shall further contain a statement that nothing in the document shall prevent an owner or operator from limiting the number of tenants in a dwelling unit to less than the maximum allowable occupancy permitted by this Code.
   D.   Identification of specific nonhabitable spaces and rooms that cannot be used for sleeping purposes.
   E.   Acknowledgment of allowed parking, if any, and acknowledgment that there is no parking on the grass or on the public sidewalk.
   F.   Trash and recycling requirements, but only if the rental property is four (4) dwelling units or less.
   G.   A recitation of the language of section 8-5-5 of this Code, the crime of disorderly house.
   H.   City website address.
   I.   Contact information for the City of Iowa City Neighborhood Services Coordinator.
   J.   Information on where to locate the Iowa Residential Landlord Tenant Law 1 including a website.
   K.   Who is responsible for snow removal and lawn mowing. (Ord. 02-4052, 11-5-2002)
   L.   Information concerning the Iowa law on rental deposits as follows: 1) the right of the landlord to withhold from the rental deposit such amounts as are reasonably necessary to restore the premises to the condition at the commencement of the tenancy, including the university off campus website or another website that provides a checklist for documenting the condition of the premises; and 2) the requirement that the tenant provide the landlord with the tenant's mailing address or delivery instructions for return of the rental deposit. (Ord. 11-4430, 5-17-2011)
   M.   Notification of the availability of a map showing whether the unit is in a floodplain and a link to the map. (Ord. 16-4670, 7-19-2016)
The owner or operator shall provide a photocopy of the executed informational disclosure and acknowledgment to the inspector upon request. (Ord. 02-4052, 11-5-2002)



1. IC ch. 562A.