It shall be unlawful for any person owning, leasing, renting, occupying or having charge or possession of any property in the City to maintain or permit to be maintained such property in such manner that any of the following conditions are found to exist thereon, except as may be allowed by any other provision of law:
   (a)   Clotheslines or clothes hanging in front yards or front and side balconies and porches.
   (b)   Trash, garbage or refuse cans, bins, boxes or other such containers stored in front or side yards and visible from a public street except as permitted by Chapter 1060, Garbage and Rubbish Collection, Section 1060.04.
   (c)   Packing boxes, lumber, salvage materials, or other debris kept in the open on the property.
   (d)   Attractive nuisances dangerous to children including abandoned, broken or neglected equipment, machinery, and appliances, refrigerators and freezers, hazardous pools, ponds and excavations in any location.
   (e)   Overgrown vegetation and other nuisances dangerous to public health, safety and welfare, or obstructing necessary view of drivers on public streets or private driveways.
   (f)   Dead, decayed, diseased or hazardous trees, weeds or other vegetation constituting unsightly appearance or dangerous to public safety and welfare.
   (g)   Graffiti or other words, letters or drawings which remain on the exterior of any building or fence.
   (h)   Storing an unlicensed and/or unregistered motor vehicle, mobile home, recreational vehicle, utility trailer, semi-trailer or pole trailer anywhere on a property in the open.
   (i)   Storing a licensed and/or registered motor vehicle, mobile home, recreational vehicle, utility trailer, semi-trailer, pole trailer, unmounted camper top, truck top, snowmobile, farm tractor, un-trailered boat in the front yard of a property other than in the driveway of the property.
   (j)   Buildings which are abandoned, dilapidated, boarded up, partially destroyed, or left in a state of partial construction and such buildings which are unpainted or where the paint on the building exterior is mostly worn off.
   (k)   Buildings without doors, window glass or window screens.
   (l)   Storage of firewood in a front or side yard and the storage of firewood that is not stacked neatly.
   (m)   Personal property, belongings, furnishings or equipment left in the right-of-way or between the front of the principal building and the right-of-way.  Personal property, including, but not limited to, interior furnishings, toys and portable recreational equipment, shall be deemed to be abandoned, of no value and unlawful if placed at or left for more than 24 hours on any public right-of-way or on any part of a property lying between the front of the principal building and a public right-of-way.  Personal property placed in the public right-of-way pursuant to a court-ordered eviction is subject to immediate removal 48 hours after being placed in the right-of-way.
   (n)   Dumpsters.
      (1)   Dumpsters intended primarily for garbage, which are visible from a public street, alley or sidewalk, shall be screened pursuant to the standards contained in Title Six - Zoning, of the City Code.
      (2)   Dumpsters intended primarily for construction debris shall be declared a public nuisance if permitted to remain more than 90 days in a calendar year.
   (o)   Dead tree or any portion thereof, or any dying tree that presents a hazard to any member of the public or to property, as contained in Chapter 1024 of the City Code.
   (p)   Bush, shrub, tree vegetation or parts thereof growing upon private property but overhanging or interfering with the use of any street, park, sidewalk, public improvement, street lighting or public place in the City.  In addition, any brush, shrub, tree, vegetation growing on private property within the City, afflicted with any dangerous and infectious insect infestation or tree disease.
   (q)   Any grass, weeds or undergrowth higher or longer than six inches subject to the following exceptions:
      (1)   On portions of undeveloped property behind a wooded tree line.
      (2)   On portions of undeveloped lands more than 25 feet from a public sidewalk or street open to the public.
      (3)   On portions of undeveloped platted lots more than 25 feet from a public sidewalk or street open to the public and from a neighboring lot line.
(Ord. 503.  Passed 6-4-13.)