(a)   The owner of any dog found to be a dangerous dog shall, within thirty calendar days of such determination, obtain a dangerous dog registration certificate from the City Clerk for a fee of $200, in addition to other fees that may be authorized by law or ordinance. All certificates obtained pursuant to this subsection must be renewed annually by the Public Safety Director. The City Clerk shall provide a copy of the dangerous dog registration certificate and verification of compliance to the County Animal Control Office and State Veterinarian.
   (b)   All dangerous dog registration certificates or renewals thereof required to be obtained under this section shall only be issued to persons eighteen years of age or older who present satisfactory evidence (i) of the dog's current rabies vaccination, if applicable, (ii) that the dog has been neutered or spayed, and (iii) that the dog is and will be confined in a proper physical enclosure or is and will be confined inside the owner's residence or is and will be confined in the owner's fenced-in yard until the proper enclosure is constructed. In addition, owners who apply for certificates or renewals thereof under this section shall not be issued a certificate or renewal unless they present satisfactory evidence that the owner has liability insurance coverage with limits of at least $250,000 that covers animal bites.
(Ord. 491. Passed 2-7-12.)