(a)   Obstructions. No person shall place or cause to be placed any object or substance upon a sidewalk that would obstruct it or otherwise make it hazardous.
   (b)   Snow and Ice. No person shall permit any snow or ice to remain on any sidewalk abutting or adjacent to any property owned or occupied by that person for more than twenty-four hours after the snow or ice has fallen or formed. The City reserves the right to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk if the property owner fails to do so, and to assess the cost against the property pursuant to Chapter 210 of these Codified Ordinances. The City Council may, by resolution, determine that snow and ice shall be removed from certain sidewalks at the expense of the City.
   Exception: If the property owner is handicapped or otherwise disabled and has notified the City of such disability, along with a doctor's statement of such proof, the City shall provide inmate labor to clear such walks as available.
   (c)   Water. No person shall cause or allow water to flow onto a sidewalk from other property, by any means whatsoever, so as to cause the surface to be a hazard to users.
   (d)   Trees and Shrubs. No person shall permit any tree or shrub to overhang or encroach upon a public sidewalk. No tree shall be permitted to overhang a sidewalk so that it is hanging lower than seven feet above the surface of the sidewalk.
   (e)   Removal. No person shall remove a sidewalk without providing for replacement within twenty days.
(Ord. 362. Passed 3-1-94; Ord. 456. Passed 2-5-08.)