(a)   Permit Required. No sidewalk shall be constructed or repaired unless a construction permit is first applied for and obtained from the City Manager. The permit shall be on a form prepared by the City. The City Council may by resolution establish fees for the permit.
   (b)   Revocation. The City Manager may revoke any permit issued pursuant to this section for violation of this chapter, which shall include failure to perform the work described in the permit in the manner and within the time required by the City. Once a permit is revoked by oral or written notice to the permit holder, all construction or repair shall cease immediately. The applicant may appeal any such order to the City Council, which order, if affirmed by Council, will act as a revocation of the permit.
   (c)   Inspection. The City Manager shall have the right to inspect all work done under any permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, and to require correction of all work not done according to the specifications of this chapter.
   (d)   Restoration. All adjacent or abutting areas disturbed by the construction or repair shall be restored to the approximate condition which existed before construction or repair. Restoration shall include replacement of sod, replanting of grass and repair or replacement of any surface or improvement damaged in the course of construction or repair.
   (e)   Fences, Barricades. Any person making or causing to be made any excavation or opening in any sidewalk, or excavation in close proximity to any sidewalk shall, when excavation is not occurring and is unattended, keep such excavation or opening fenced or barricaded so as to warn all persons of such excavation or opening and all obstructions. No unauthorized person shall remove or interfere in any way with any lighting device, fence or barrier.
   (f)   Temporary Resurfacing. All openings and excavations shall be refilled and temporarily resurfaced as soon as possible. Such temporary resurfacing shall be maintained by the person to whom the permit is issued until the City or person designated by the City shall permanently resurface such opening. All refilling shall be done according to the specifications set forth by the City in each particular case.
(Ord. 362. Passed 3-1-94; Ord. 456. Passed 2-5-08.)