(a)   The sidewalk café shall not reduce the pedestrian travel area of any sidewalk to less than that required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The pedestrian travel area shall not include trees, benches, bushes, walls, fire hydrants, tree grates or any other fixture permanently located within the right-of-way.
   (b)   The sidewalk café shall not impede on a fire hydrant, utility box, or other public service facility.
   (c)   Sidewalk cafés shall only be located adjacent to the establishment with which they are associated.
   (d)   Furnishings of a sidewalk café shall be limited solely to umbrellas, chairs, tables and trash containers within the permitted area.  All objects shall be of quality construction and design to ensure the safety and convenience of users and to enhance the visual and aesthetic quality of downtown.  No furnishings shall be attached to the sidewalk, street trees, light pole or any structure.
   (e)   Furniture or other items used in connection with the sidewalk café shall be placed on the sidewalk no more than thirty minutes prior to the opening of the business and shall be removed within thirty minutes after the closing of the business.
   (f)   Signs, banners, flags, pennants, balloons, blow-ups or other similar decorations or advertising devices are prohibited.  Umbrellas may contain the name of the business or other advertising so long as the product being advertised is utilized by the business.
   (g)   All food preparation shall be performed inside the business.  No outside storage of food is permitted including hot or cold buffet tables.
   (h)   Sidewalk café areas shall remain clear of litter, food scraps, soiled dishes at all times.  The business shall clean the entire area of encroachment and all other adjacent sidewalk areas be removing debris and trash, and sweeping and washing the sidewalk each day.
   (i)   Operation of a sidewalk café shall not adversely impact adjacent or nearby residential, religious, educational or commercial properties, and shall be operated in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.
   (j)   Electric powered lights shall not be used for the sidewalk café.  The use of tabletop candles is permitted.
   (k)   Music, either acoustical or via external building speakers, is permitted but shall be kept at such a level so as to not interfere with the activities of neighboring businesses or residences.  Music shall also be kept at such a level as to comply in all respects with the provisions of other applicable ordinances.
(Ord. 453.  Passed 11-6-07.)