(a)   "Public Place" Defined.  The term "public place," as used in this chapter, shall mean any street, alley, park, public building, place of business or assembly open to or frequented by the public and any other place which is open to the public view or to which the public has access. 
(1975 Code § 9.131)
   (b)   Prohibited Acts.  No person shall:
      (1)   Commit an assault, or an assault and battery on any person.
(1975 Code § 9.132(1))
      (2)   Be intoxicated in a public place, while either endangering directly the safety of another person or of property or acting in a manner that causes a public disturbance.
(Ord. 253.  Passed 1-10-78.)
      (3)   Engage in any indecent, insulting, immoral or obscene conduct in any public place.
      (4)   Discharge any firearm, air rifle, air pistol or bow and arrow in the City, except as provided below:
         A.   When lawfully acting in the defense of persons or property or the enforcement of law;
         B.   When at a duly established range, the operation of which has been approved by the City Council;
         C.   When discharged by a police officer or conservation officer in the line of duty;
         D.   The discharge of bow and arrow and shotgun, normally referred to in gauges, with shot for hunting purposes may be permitted on a privately owned parcel of land of twenty acres or more with the permission of the property owner, and at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety, subject to the following conditions:
            1.   For the purposes of this subsection, "shot" shall be defined as a round fired from a shotgun, normally referred to in gauges, which discharges multiple pellets from one shell.
            2.   All hunters shall be licensed to hunt with a bow and arrow or shotgun by the State of Michigan;
            3.   All hunters shall observe all State of Michigan regulations and other requirements regarding transportation, possession and use of bow and arrows and shotguns for hunting.
            4.   Cross bows are not permitted.
            5.   Hunters shall observe all safety considerations and shall not hunt within a distance of 300 feet from any public street or property line of any contiguous parcel located within the City.
            6.   A maximum of five hunting permits may be issued to the owner of land that meets this criteria at any given time.
            7.   The Director of Public Safety shall proscribe such administrative rules as necessary to implement and administer the provisions of this subsection which shall include the authority of the Director to administratively revoke permits issued at any time for good cause. 
(Ord. 452.  Passed 10-2-07.)
      (5)   Fire, discharge, display or possess any fireworks except of the type and under the conditions permitted by Chapter 39 of the Penal Code of the State of Michigan.
      (6)   Engage in peeping in the windows of an inhabited place.
      (7)   Beg in any public place.
      (8)   Bathe in any body of water in a naked state, or with his or her person so much undressed that there shall be an indecent exposure of the body.
      (9)   Use any indecent, immoral or insulting language to, or in the presence or hearing of, any other person, or manifest any indecent or insulting behavior in the City in the presence, view or hearing of any other person.
      (10)   Engage in fortunetelling or pretend to tell fortunes for hire, gain or reward.
      (11)   Make any immoral exhibition or indecent exposure of his or her person.
      (12)   Willfully destroy, remove, damage, alter or in any manner deface any property not his or her own, or any public school building, or any public building, bridge, fire hydrant, alarm box, street light, street sign, traffic control device, railroad sign or signal, parking meter or shade tree belonging to the City or located in the public places of the City; mark or post hand bills on, or in any manner mar the walls of, any public building, or fence, tree or pole within the City; destroy, take, or meddle with any property belonging to the City; remove the same from the building or place where it may be kept, placed or stored, without proper authority; or disturb, tamper with, disconnect or damage any City water meter without proper authority.
      (13)   Destroy, injure or in any manner deface any drinking fountain located in the City, or throw or deposit any substance therein, or in any manner pollute the water in the basin of any fountain or detach the cups or other parts of such drinking fountain.
      (14)   Insult, accost, molest or otherwise annoy, either by word of mouth, sign or motion, any person in any public place.
      (15)   Engage in any disturbance, fight, or quarrel in a public place.
      (16)   Collect or stand in crowds, or arrange, encourage or abet the collection of persons in crowds for illegal or mischievous purposes in any public place.
      (17)   Jostle or roughly crowd persons in any street, alley, park or public building.
      (18)   Loiter on any street or sidewalk or in any park or public building or conduct oneself in any public place so as to obstruct the free and uninterrupted passage of the public.
      (19)   Play any ball game in any public street or sidewalk or otherwise obstruct traffic on any street or sidewalk by collecting in groups thereon, for any purpose.
      (20)   Engage in any act of prostitution.
      (21)   Attend, frequent, operate or be an occupant or inmate of any place where prostitution, gambling or the illegal sale of intoxicating liquor, or where any other illegal or immoral business or occupation, is permitted or conducted.
      (22)   Engage in prostitution, gambling, the illegal sale of intoxicating liquor or any other illegal or immoral business or occupation.  Proof of recent reputation for engaging in prostitution, gambling, illegal sale of intoxicating liquor, or other illegal or immoral occupation or business shall be prima facie evidence of being engaged or occupied therein.
      (23)   Solicit or accost any person for the purpose of inducing the commission of any illegal or immoral act.
      (24)   Knowingly transport any person to a place where prostitution or gambling is practiced, encouraged or allowed for the purpose of enabling such person to engage in gambling or in any illegal or immoral act.
      (25)   Keep or maintain a gaming room, gaming table, or any gaming device used for gaming; or knowingly suffer a gaming room, gaming table or any gaming device to be kept, maintained, played or sold on any premises occupied or controlled by him or her.
      (26)   Disturb thc public peace and quiet by loud, boisterous or vulgar conduct.
      (27)   Permit or suffer any place occupied or controlled by him or her to be a resort of noisy, boisterous or disorderly persons.
      (28)   Obstruct, resist, hinder or oppose any member of the Police Department, or any peace officer in the discharge of his or her duties as such.
      (29)   Wander about the streets, either by day or night, or loiter in any public building, without any lawful means of support or without being able to give a satisfactory account of oneself.
      (30)   Prowl about any alley or the private premises of any other person in the nighttime, without authority or the permission of the owner of such premises.
      (31)   Spit on any sidewalk or on the floor or seat of any public carrier, or on any floor, wall, seat or equipment of any place of public assemblage.
      (32)   Disturb any school, meeting or congregation lawfully assembled, whether religious, political or otherwise.
      (33)   Flirt, willfully annoy or make or extend offensive advances or invitations by word or act to any person to whom he or she is unknown, in any public place. 
(1975 Code § 9.132(3) to (33))