Competitive prices for all purchases and public improvements shall be obtained and the purchase made from, or the contract awarded to, the lowest competent bidder.
   In addition:
   (a)   Formal sealed bids shall be obtained in all transactions involving the expenditure of two thousand and one dollars ($2,001) or more (or such other amount which may be established by the Council by resolution).
   (b)   When other considerations are equal, contracts shall be awarded to local vendors.
   (c)   If the lowest competent bids are for the same amount, the Agent shall negotiate with the low bidders for a reduced bid and shall make or recommend the purchase which shall appear to be to the advantage of the City.
   (d)   Competitive bidding may not be required in the following cases:
      (1)   Where the subject of the contract is other than a public work or improvement and the product or material contracted for is not competitive in nature and/or no advantage to the City would result from requiring competitive bidding and the Council by resolution authorizes execution of a contract without competitive bidding.
      (1)   In the employment of professional services.
      (2)   Where the City elects to use City forces for work suitable for contracting, provided such work is authorized by the Council.
(Ord. 362. Passed 3-1-94.)