Pursuant to Section 204.03, from this time on, the most recent amended or revised version of the City of Ionia Municipal Standards reviewed and formally approved by the City Council via resolution or motion is adopted by reference and controls. A resolution or the official City Council meeting minutes that reflects a formal approval via motion shall be retained by and kept on file with the City Clerk in conformance with any applicable general retention schedules. Notwithstanding the expiration of any applicable general retention schedules, the latest controlling resolution or official minutes shall be retained indefinitely until such future amendment or revision action occurs. The most recently approved complete version of the City of Ionia Municipal Standards is hereby published by the City and shall be available at City Hall for public review at no charge and public distribution at a reasonable charge unless otherwise expressly provided in this chapter.
(Ord. 439. Passed 9-5-06; Ord. 484. Passed 2-1-11; Res. 2023-19. Passed 10-4-23; Ord. 578. Passed 10-4-23.)