No permit required by this chapter shall be issued unless the applicant has also filed with the village collector a cash deposit in an amount not less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) and shall file such larger deposit as the village president determines necessary to insure that the surface of such public place shall be restored to its original condition upon completion of the work. If within three (3) months of the commencement of the work, the surface is so properly restored, the amount of the deposit shall be returned to the applicant or his assignee. If it is not restored within this time, the money shall become the property of the village unless the applicant, within said three (3) months, returns the permit to the village president, or his or her designee, for cancellation, and the village president, after inspection, determines that no work has been done at such public place. If work has been done on the public place but it has not been restored, the village may, but shall not be obligated to restore the surface using the deposit to pay the cost thereof, and the applicant shall be liable for any such cost in excess of such deposit. (Ord. 92-468, 12-8-1992)