8-1-13: MAILBOXES:
Permits shall not be required for the installation in public rights of way of mailboxes and supporting structures meeting the requirements of the United States postal service and subject to the following conditions:
   A.   The installation shall not conflict with existing or proposed public and private utilities.
   B.   The face of the mailbox shall not be closer than twelve inches (12") from the back of the curb or edge of the pavement if there is no curb.
   C.   The mailbox and supporting post shall be placed so as to comply with United States postal service regulations as they exist from time to time but the post shall be no closer than eighteen inches (18") from the back of the curb or edge of the pavement if there is no curb. (Ord. 90-404, 8-14-1990)
   D.   All mailboxes within public rights of way shall be set upon wood, hollow metal or plastic posts not to exceed six inches (6") in diameter. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, all parts shall meet the requirement for mailbox posts as published by the Illinois department of transportation, from time to time, and on file with the village administrator. The use above the surface of the ground of metal posts greater than six inches (6") in diameter, concrete posts or brick structures for support of the mailboxes is prohibited. (Ord. 92-468, 12-8-1992)
   E.   The owner shall be responsible for all costs of installing and maintaining the mailbox.
   F.   Any mailbox support which does not conform to the provisions of this section shall be removed or brought into compliance on or before December 1, 1990. (Ord. 90-404, 8-14-1990)