A.   Design: Shoulders shall conform to the provisions of subsection 6-3-3D1 of this Code. (Ord. 90-404, 8-14-90)
   B.   Shoulder Treatment: Roadway shoulders shall be permanently seeded or sodded to the edge of the pavement or such shoulders shall otherwise be improved in a manner specifically approved in writing by the village board. Roadway shoulders shall be constructed and maintained so that no dropoff occurs at the pavement edge. (Ord. 93-483, 6-8-1993)
   C.   Obstructions In Shoulders: There shall be no objects placed within the shoulder areas other than a properly located and constructed mailbox complying with section 8-1-13 of this chapter.
   D.   Parkway Treatment: Parkway surfaces shall be seeded or sodded to the edge of the pavement. No light standards, posts, rocks or obstructions may exist in the parkway areas. Exceptions to this provision are traffic control signs; street signs; approved parkway trees in accordance with section 6-3-9 of this code and/or natural vegetation; and facilities owned and maintained by the village or by other public and quasi-public agencies.
   E.   Sight Distances: Stopping sight distances shall be maintained to comply with the minimum standards set forth in subsections 6-3-3C2 and C3 of this code. Owners of abutting premises shall remove overhanging branches which interfere with traffic and safe transit pursuant to section 8-4-14 of this title.
   F.   Compliance: Any roadway shoulder and/or parkway which does not conform to the provisions of this section shall be brought into compliance on or before December 1, 1990. (Ord. 90-404, 8-14-1990)