A.   Applications for zoning permits, as required by this section, shall be filed in written form with the zoning enforcement officer, shall state the legal description of the property as of public record and the name of the owner and applicant, shall describe the uses to be established or expanded and shall give such other information as may be required for the enforcement of this title. Each copy of the application shall be accompanied by a dimensioned drawing of the building plot showing the location of buildings and structures, lot areas to be used, auto parking areas and water supply and sewage disposal facilities, an agreement to reimburse the village for any out of pocket expenses incurred by the village on behalf of the applicant, as well as payment of the applicable deposit(s), permit and other fees as established from time to time by ordinance of the village board.
   B.   Except where an extension has been obtained in writing from the zoning enforcement officer, a zoning permit issued pursuant to this section shall expire within one hundred eighty (180) days if substantial construction or establishment of the use applied for has not commenced and, in any event, said zoning permit shall expire within one year if construction or establishment of the use applied for is not completed. Permit and other fees shall be as established by ordinance of the village board from time to time and shall be the responsibility of the applicant to pay to the village on a timely basis.
   C.   No building or structure hereafter erected or altered shall be occupied or used until a zoning permit as described above and a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the zoning enforcement officer, certifying that the building or structure and the proposed use comply with the provisions of this title.
   D.   Petitions to appeal from a decision of the zoning enforcement officer, petitions for a variation or a special use, and petitions for a change in or amendment to the zoning ordinance, must be accompanied by an application fee and such deposits for reimbursable out of pocket expenses as hereinafter described and as shall be established by the resolution of the president and board of trustees. No action shall be taken on any such petition until the fee has been paid and required deposits made unless the board of trustees waives the requirement of the payment of same. All petitioners shall be required to pay any out of pocket expenses incurred by the village in the review and consideration of their petitions by the village, including, but not limited to, engineering fees, legal fees, and expenses of such other consultants as the village deems appropriate and necessary. (Ord. 2007-846, 3-13-2007)