A.   No grades within the village shall be disturbed or otherwise altered except as allowed pursuant to a site development permit issued by the village engineer.
   B.   Any change in grading done without authorization of the village engineer shall be regraded and restored to its original approved grades, at owner's expense. If not completed within fourteen (14) days, regrading may be ordered by the village and charged to owner.
   C.   No final occupancy permit or other indication of approval of new construction shall be issued or given by the building official until all grade requirements set forth in this section and other applicable provisions of this code have been met.
   D.   The applicant, i.e., developer, contractor, and/or the builder, shall provide to the village, prior to the issuance of any occupancy permit, a statement signed by the applicant and buyer/new owner, if any, stating that grades of the property purchased shall not be altered without a duly issued site development permit, and that any other improvements to the property shall require permits prior to any construction of such improvements. (Ord. 06-822, 3-14-2006)