A.   Prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit, a final as built topographical survey of the lot grading shall be submitted to and approved by the village engineer. Said surveys shall also be prepared by a registered land surveyor. After the receipt of such final as built survey, the village engineer shall conduct a final site inspection.
   B.   Final as built surveys shall show the following information:
      1.   Property lines (dimensioned), building lines, easements;
      2.   Lot corners (must be monumented by an iron pipe);
      3.   Building foundations at ground level, including dimensions;
      4.   Foundation location measurements relative to all property lines showing clearly that no building setback lines or easements have been encroached upon;
      5.   Bench mark description and elevations;
      6.   The following elevations shall be shown at USGS datum:
         a.   Top of foundation elevation for each level, and approximate grade change by scale;
         b.   Brick ledge, if applicable;
         c.   Garage floor elevation;
         d.   Centerline and edge of street or top of curb, if same exists, opposite front corners of property (indicate if final surface or not);
         e.   Ground at twenty five foot (25') intervals along:
            (1)   Roadside ditch flow line;
            (2)   Lot lines;
            (3)   Drainage swale flow lines.
         f.   Driveway culverts;
         g.   At locations where proposed elevations are indicated on approved final lot grading plan.
      7.   A final occupancy permit shall not be issued if the property is not in compliance with the approved foundation plat of survey, the approved site plan, the approved septic plan, and the approved final lot grading plan and the approved final engineering for the subdivision. (Ord. 06-822, 3-14-2006)