A.   A plat of survey (also known as a "spot survey") shall be required when any foundation is completed. A plat of the lot(s) or parcel(s) of land, or parts or portion thereof, drawn to a scale showing the actual dimensions of the lot(s) or parcel(s), the location of all buildings and improvements, including excavations and foundation walls, and the elevation of all levels of the top of foundation with respect to United States geological survey (USGS) datum, and certified by a registered land surveyor licensed by the state as a true copy of the lot(s) or parcel(s) shall be submitted to the building official for review and approval of the foundation elevation and location immediately after the foundation walls have been completed. Said plat or spot survey must meet the following requirements:
      1.   Such survey shall be prepared by and certified by a professional land surveyor registered in the state;
      2.   The legal description must be clearly set forth thereon;
      3.   All information on such plat must be legible;
      4.   The location of all foundations, buildings and improvements upon the lot or parcel shall be defined by measurements perpendicular to the boundaries;
      5.   Exterior dimensions of all foundations, buildings and improvements at ground level shall be shown.
   B.   No further construction other than backfilling shall occur until the foundation wall elevations shown on the plat have been reviewed and approved by the village engineer. Acceptance of the location and elevation of foundation walls shall be shown by a stamp on the plat of survey marked "APPROVED, Village of Inverness Village Engineer", with the date and signature of the village engineer. (Ord. 06-822, 3-14-2006)