A.   Upon receipt of a completed application for a license for a rental residential property, including the payment of all required fees, the Administrator shall schedule an inspection. Pending the inspection and issuance or denial of the license, the Administrator shall allow the continued occupancy of a rental residential dwelling unit that was previously licensed.
   B.   Licensing inspections shall include the building exterior, basement, rental residential property, and all rental residential dwelling unit except as hereafter required. The Administrator shall determine the order and inspection process. The Administrator shall, prior to entering an occupied dwelling unit, require the owner or agent to be present during the inspection. Unless otherwise specified in a court order or warrant, the Administrator will not inspect or search personal property of the tenant. The Administrator, while performing his or her duties of office, will otherwise fully consider the privacy and dignity of the tenant and will not enter or open closets, medicine cabinets, or the other closed cabinets or lockers unless the Administrator has reasonable grounds to believe that to do so would establish evidence of code violations.
   C.   When a licensing inspection of a rental residential property reveals any violation of applicable codes, the Administrator shall give notice of the compliance timeframe as provided in section 3-15-11 of this chapter.
   D.   A licensing re-inspection will be conducted at the end of the compliance timeframe. Upon completion of the licensing re- inspection of the rental residential property, a license shall be issued if the property meets the requirements of this Code. If the Administrator finds the requirements of applicable Village codes have not been met, a written notice of violation stating the defects shall be issued as provided in section 3-15-9 of this chapter.
   E.   Subsequent inspections of the property required because of cited violations not being corrected at the time of that inspection shall be subject to the re-inspection fees set forth in section 3-15-9 of this chapter. (Ord. 18-994, 6-12-2018)