A.   No license shall be issued except upon written application filed with the Village. A complete application for a license shall be filed not less than thirty (30) days prior to the issuance thereof. Said application shall be signed by the legal title holder of the rental residential property. Any person seeking to renew a license issued pursuant to this chapter shall file a completed application not less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the currently valid license. Application forms may be obtained from the Village and shall contain such information as the Administrator may require, including but not limited to:
      1.   The address of the rental residential property.
      2.   The number of dwelling units within the rental property.
      3.   Name, address, work, and home telephone numbers of each owner. When the owner is a land trust, the application shall include the name and address of each person(s) holding a beneficial interest and/or power of direction therein.
      4.   If the owner does not reside within fifty (50) miles of the Village, then either:
         a.   Name, address, work, and home telephone numbers of any person appointed as managing agent with authority to accept service or notice of a violation. If the managing agent is other than a natural person, the above information shall also be provided for that employee of the managing agent specifically assigned to the rental residential property; or
         b.   A statement by the owner that service by regular mail upon the owner at the address stated in the application will be considered sufficient service for all purposes.
      5.   Name, address, work, and home telephone numbers of any person(s) (other than those listed pursuant to subsections A3 and A4 of this section), if any, having authority to make any decision with respect to the management and/or maintenance of the rental residential property. Attached to the application shall be a statement of such person's authority to manage, lease, and/or maintain the rental residential property.
      6.   The name, address, and telephone number of each company that services any alarm systems in the rental residential building.
   B.   Every owner shall notify the Administrator of any change in the above information within seven (7) days of any change by completing an updated and new application otherwise required by this section. (Ord. 18-994, 6-12-2018)