A.   It is unlawful for any owner, person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other legal entity to operate, maintain, or offer to rent within the Village a rental residential dwelling unit whether vacant or not without first obtaining a rental residential license as provided in this chapter.
   B.   It is unlawful for a person to occupy a rental residential dwelling unit, or for any owner or property agent to allow anyone to occupy a rental residential dwelling unit, which is not within a licensed rental residential property.
   C.   It is unlawful for any person, firm, partnership, corporation or other legal entity to offer for rent or to occupy any vacant dwelling unit or any dwelling unit that becomes vacant in a rental residential building for which a license is under suspension.
   D.   This chapter shall not apply to the following structures:
      1.   Hotels, motels, and other structures which rent rooms to occupants which are primarily transient in nature.
      2.   Dwellings, buildings, structures and uses licensed and inspected by Village, State or Federal government, including but not limited to nursing homes, retirement centers, rest homes, etc.
      3.   Dwellings, buildings, structures and uses owned by governmental agencies and public housing authorities.
   E.   A license under this chapter cannot be transferred to another rental residential property or a succeeding owner. A purchaser of an existing licensed rental residential building shall make application and obtain a new license in compliance with this chapter. An owner of licensed rental residential property shall notify the Administrator in writing within two (2) days of the sale or transfer of said property. (Ord. 18-994, 6-12-2018)