A.   Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following terms shall have the meaning hereafter described:
   ADMINISTRATOR: Means the Village Administrator who is charged with the administration and enforcement of this chapter, or any duly authorized representative.
   AGENT: Means a person authorized to act for and under the direction of another person when dealing with third parties.
   OWNER: Means any person, agent, operator, firm, or corporation having a legal or equitable interest in the property; or recorded in the official records of the County or Municipality as holding title to the property; or otherwise having control of the property, including the guardian of the estate of any such person and the executor or administrator of the estate of such person if ordered to take possession of real property by a court having jurisdiction.
   PROPERTY AGENT: Means a person, operator, firm, partnership, corporation, or other legal entity designated in writing by the property owner to the Administrator to manage a rental residential property, including the authority to receive notices or citations.
   RENTAL RESIDENTIAL DWELLING UNIT: Means a residential dwelling unit let or intended to be let for rent or lease. It does not include an owner-occupied dwelling unit.
   RENTAL RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY: Means the lot and rental residential dwelling unit or units on that lot.
   TENANT: Means an occupant of a rental residential dwelling unit.
   B.   Words or phrases as used in this chapter and not herein defined shall be defined as provided by the Building Code of the Village as adopted and amended in title 4, chapter 3 of this Code or the Village's Property Maintenance Code. (Ord. 18-994, 6-12-2018)