A.    Any commission, task force or committee member may be removed at any time by a four-fifths (4/5) vote of the entire city council and the position filled as any other vacancy.
   B.    Three (3) consecutive unexcused absences or four (4) unexcused absences from regular commission meetings in any one calendar year shall be deemed to constitute a resignation. The chair shall report such absences to the council who shall make an appointment to fill the vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term. To be excused, an absence must be requested in writing by the affected member, granted by the commission chair (or the vice chair if the chair makes the request) and the staff liaison. Absences may be excused for extenuating circumstances that prevent the member's attendance, such as business demands, state of health, or personal emergencies. Unexcused absences shall be recorded in the commission minutes. (Ord. 1090, 5-24-2004)