A.   Volume Based Rate: Each licensed collector shall provide at least two (2) different charges for residential collection service based on volume. The volume for the minimum charge shall not exceed thirty (30) gallons.
   B.   Trucks: Each licensed collector shall provide a covered vehicle, so constructed that the contents will not leak or spill therefrom, in which all material collected shall be conveyed to the places designated in the application. All vehicles will be kept clean and as free from offensive odors as possible, and shall not be allowed to stand in any street, alley, or public place longer than is reasonably necessary to collect material.
   C.   Hours And Days Of Collection: No collection of mixed municipal solid waste, construction debris, or recyclable material from residential units shall be made except between the hours of six o'clock (6:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) P.M., Monday through Friday. Operations during these hours may also be conducted on Saturdays to accommodate recognized national holidays and special collections arranged between the collector and the customer. Customers shall be reasonably notified of the specific day and hours for the collection of their mixed municipal solid waste and/or recyclable material, and the licensee shall collect the materials within those time periods. With regard to any particular customer, the licensee is not required to pick up recyclable materials from that customer each time the licensee picks up mixed municipal solid waste from that customer. However, with regard to any particular customer, when the licensee picks up recyclable materials or yard waste, the pick up of recyclable materials or yard waste shall occur on the same day of the week that the licensee picks up mixed municipal solid waste from that customer.
   D.   Collection Of Recyclable Material:
      1.   Collection Required:
         a.   As part of its required service and as part of its contract for collection of mixed municipal solid waste from a residential unit, each licensed collector shall provide each customer who resides in a residential unit the mandatory required service of recyclable material collection through a curbside recycling program on each scheduled collection day; provided, however, collection of the recyclable materials may occur at a time during the day that is different than the time of collection for mixed municipal solid waste. Any collector who collects mixed municipal solid waste from a residential unit is required to provide collection of recyclable materials as part of the collection contract. Weekly collection of recyclables is permitted. The mixing of source separated recyclable materials with other mixed municipal solid waste by the licensed collector is prohibited, subject to subsection D4 of this section.
         b.   Licensed collectors who collect mixed municipal solid waste from multi-unit residential buildings shall provide an opportunity to recycle by providing the separate collection of recyclable materials.
      2.   Limitation On Obligation To Collect Recyclable Material: The licensed collector shall not be obligated to collect recyclable materials from a residential unit on those occasions when any of the following circumstances exist:
         a.   The recyclable materials have not been placed in a location to allow curbside collection.
         b.   The residential unit has not separated the recyclable materials from other mixed municipal solid waste.
      3.   Right To Subcontract: Any licensed collector who wishes not to directly provide recycling service must provide the service through a written subcontract with a person or company approved by the city as a condition of license. The subcontractor shall have a license hereunder and comply with all provisions of this chapter, as well as all local, state and federal laws.
      4.   Marketing Of Recyclable Materials: Licensed collectors are free to market the collected recyclable materials to any company or entity that engages in the process of recycling. Any sums paid to the collector by the recycling company shall be retained by the collector and shall not be paid over to the city. (1974 Code § 610.05; amd. Ord. 1324, 10-10-2016; Ord. 1394, 12-14-2020)