A.    Authority: With the approval of the director or the director's designee and the city administrator, the head of each department of the city or the department head's designee is authorized to respond to requests for assistance from other political subdivisions within Minnesota pursuant to Minnesota statutes sections 12.33 and 12.331 and to requests for interstate assistance pursuant to Minnesota statutes section 192.91.
   B.    Conditions On Response To Requests For Assistance: Assistance may be provided to requests described in subsection A of this section when, in the judgment of the director and department head, the operational needs of the city are not compromised. In the event that city personnel and/or resources shall be committed in excess of twelve (12) hours to a request for assistance, the director must notify the mayor and city council. In the event the assistance response is to an area outside of Minnesota, the director or his designee shall report such response to the mayor and city council within forty eight (48) hours of the receipt of the request for assistance.
   C.    Mutual Aid Agreements: The director is authorized to enter into mutual aid agreements, which allow for the joint use of city personnel and equipment that will benefit the city.
   D.    Reimbursement For Assistance: The director or department head(s) shall prepare necessary documentation for recovery of city expenses, including compensation paid to deployed city employees; travel expenses; maintenance expenses of the deployed employees; or equipment loss, maintenance or operation, incurred in response to any requests for assistance to the extent possible pursuant to applicable federal and state statutes or consistent with applicable mutual aid agreements, whichever the case may be. (Ord. 1234, 4-11-2011)