A.    Whenever necessary to meet a declared emergency, the mayor may, by proclamation, promulgate regulations respecting all matters which are required to protect public safety, health, and welfare in declared emergencies. No regulation governing observation of enemy aircraft, air attack, alarms, or illumination during air attacks shall be adopted or take effect unless approved by the state director of emergency management.
   B.    Every proclamation of emergency regulations shall be in writing and signed by the mayor, shall be dated, shall refer to the particular declared emergency to which it pertains, if so limited, and shall be filed in the office of the clerk, where a copy shall be kept posted and available for public inspection during business hours. Notice of the existence of such regulation and its availability for inspection at the clerk's office shall be conspicuously posted at the front of the city hall and at such other places in the affected area as the mayor shall designate in the proclamation. Thereupon, the regulation shall take effect immediately. By like proclamation, the mayor may modify or rescind any such regulation. (Ord. 1234, 4-11-2011)